Brushing of thermowood

Surface brushing process highlights the structure of thermowood and gives a nice, special look. Scratches do not appear so soon on a brushed surface. The intensity of the brushing can be modified and the brushed surface will absorb more oil/paint after the oiling/painting, as a result there is much better protection from the environment. Brushed thermowood.

Oiling of thermowood

We do priming, staining, oiling and painting of thermally modified wood with high quality oiling/painting materials.
In order to ensure the sustainability of the thermowood in external structures and to exhibit an outstanding resistance to environmental influences (for example, UV radiation),
it is advisable to treat the material with oil/paint. For the oiling/painting services we mainly but not exclusively use water-based oil/paints. A wide selection of color pigments is available.
The benefits of using our oiling/painting service is that the customer receives qualitatively oiled/painted material performed by using high quality oils/paints. The material is oiled/painted from all 4 sides (+ both ends), adding more protection from the environment. Oiled thermowood.